The Everscore project aims to deliver the infrastructure to immortalize accomplishments in gaming, sports and entertainment

Everscore is a blockchain based application on which games, sports authorities and entertainment venues can bestow personal records and achievements to individuals.
Individuals will be able to link to their achievement and share on social media.
Any such achievement will be undeniable as it can be verified on the blockchain.

A blockchain solution for your personal accomplishments

As Sports Venues are modernizing more and more data is collected, this data often exists inside a vacuum without you, the owner, being able to access it from the outside.
Everscore enables liberating this data so it becomes shareable on the internet in a trustworthy fashion.


Everlasting recordkeeping of your personal achievements.

Companies can give their games/venues a decentralized presence and incentivize players.

The complexity of the blockchain transactions can be hidden so users won't have to deal with it.
This is made possible using Vechain Thor's Multi Party Payment technology.

While a venue is able to manually assign accomplishments, we have a specialized team that can help you modernize by installing IoT and sensors.

Within a certain category only one can be the best!
To represent this, special Challenge Cups can be claimed by excelling.
Challenge Cups can only be held for a certain period and afterwards will transition to the next champion.
Due to the nature of blockchain an enduring history is maintained.


A game, venue or sports authority can set a reward in tokens for a specific accomplishment.
A golf club can for example set a reward specific to their local golf course. When a player manages to score a ’Hole In One’ he/she will automatically receive the reward.

Incentives are realized by using a blockchain smart contract with escrow functionality. This means a company commits an amount of tokens that are automatically paid out under certain conditions. The incentive is stored on the blockchain, locked up, waiting for a player to claim it.

The basic functionality of Everscore is free of charge to promote mass-adoption. We expect that the Incentives Escrow is a huge opportunity for the promotion of brands and venues, and this is how we intend to cover project costs. A small percentage of the incentive amount will be deducted to benefit the project.

We intend to share profit derived from the incentive mechanism with Vechain's XNode holders.
Another great feature of the Vechain Thor blockchain shall realize the payouts: Multitask Transactions.
We are investigating to integrate with Vechain Thor's wallet feature that claims XNode bonus payout, so that when the user claims their VTHO, simultaneous the Everscore profit payouts take place.


Everscore will be applied to the following markets


Blockchain technology will be the next big thing for the video-game industry. No longer will your valuables be bound inside the game but exist outside of it on a blockchain, ensuring they will live on even if the game will cease to exist. Multiverses will emerge and cross-game activities will be the new standard. Platforms to facilitate this are currently appearing on many blockchains. What these platforms have in common is that they allow for digital ownership of items and trading of those items.
Everscore differences from those platforms in that it aims to immortalize your personal achievements. Using Vechain’s identification mechanism achievements will become truly personal and not something that can be bought.

Smart Sports

IoT in Sports is growing in popularity. We can find RFID chips inside golf balls, and i-Wearables are currently being manufactured for a broad range of sports. Sports venues are able to track your each and every movement. What we want is to make this data, including your achievements, accessible in a decentralized and shareable manner. Everscore aims to become the bridge between these pockets of data and the public.
How great would it be to be able to immortalize your memories of an exciting day out so that can be shared with others at the press of a button.


Electronic entertainment like slot or pinball machines, arcadehall devices and laser games are making a comeback. Furthermore new ways of digital interactive entertainment emerge. Because of their electronic nature it is easy for them to integrate with Everscore. For this industry the same principle applies: you pay for access and have a great time, however because of the competitive nature of these devices accomplishment is important, and that accomplishment is locked away inside the device or venue. What this market needs is a trustworthy and secure way to break out and become shareable on the internet in a standardized manner.


Traditional sports and sports competitions, like bowling (avenues) or football (leagues) can be integrated by providing specialized IoT integration assistance for automatic tracking, or by providing access to authorized federations or entities for manual entry.